Mar 7, 2012

How to Remove Computer Viruses

Just Like a biological virus that can infect humans, computer viruses can vary from mild to severe. is a malicious computer program, which makes negative impact on the computer, when it is run or installed. At this time many people are working hard to create viruses in order to destroy your computer. Virus affects millions of computers every day to destroy data, steal important information and make your computer unusable.
The virus usually spreads through instant messaging or e-mail message and is often made to look like greeting cards, funny pictures or video and audio files. Computer viruses also spread via internet download and can be disguised in the illegal software or files and storage media such as flash, and others.
How do I detect a computer virus? The following symptoms may be exposed to computer viruses:

The computer runs very slowly than normal.
Many error messages popping up on your computer without the knowledge of where it came from.
Computer sometimes turns itself off.
The loss of certain programs installed on your computer
Blue Screen Error.
The best way to overcome the virus is to stop early. Of course you do not want to be aware that your computer is exposed to virus after you lose most of your files. Here are some important tips for you to help prevent attacks or quickly recover your data if you detect an attack:

Backup your important files every day. You can use CD and DVD burner or removable hard drive for back-up your files.
Make your hard drive into at least two partitions. Drive C: to install the programs and other drives for all of your data. You should not save your files "in My Documents" or on Drive C:, to prevent the loss of your data if the computer infected with virus.
Scan your computer once a week. This is to detect the presence of viruses on your computer
If you want to transfer data through the storage media like flash, especially scanned first. To detect and prevent the transfer of viruses to your computer.
Use anti-virus program qualified for the detection and prevention.
At the time of internet browsing careful and vigilant to download the file or clicking on suspicious links or attachments in your email inbox or social media profile.
If your computer is infected with a virus, it should be removed as soon as possible. And if you frequently use the Internet, you need to have a successful way of clearing the virus. This is because of the difficulty to detect a computer virus.
The first step to clean the virus from a computer is to install an antivirus software program. There are many companies available that offer a program that is affordable and top-rated. A good program should be user friendly, up-to-date, easy to update, affordable and does not use much memory. After having antivirus, need to run the initial scan to detect the virus and if found, it should be removed immediately. Most programs will put a virus is found in the 'vault'. It can be set to automatically or manually. As new virus continues to grow, must be kept up to date antivirus program.
For stubborn virus, a more expert may be needed. To have the best protection for your computer, the best idea to combine the major antivirus software programs with local antivirus to address local viruses are also a lot of pop.

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